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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

           Write a formal persuasive letter

                                                  South Park  

                                                  Primary School  

                                                  Water Lane


                                                  IG3 9HF

To whom it may concern,

As a hardworking and conscientious student of South Park Primary School. This letter is regarding the proposal to redevelop the potential site on Water Lane. We, as citizens of Redbridge, have many valid reasons for this particular project, Most significantly, surely a person in your position of such high status should understand that a high proportion of road accidents involve children (A jaw dropping 70%)
Furthermore, there has been a sharp increase accidents involving pedestrians, due to children not having a play area. (Children playing on their bikes and skateboards.) Residents of the local community, whole-heartedly believe converting the wasteland to a park is the utmost priority! A recent survey has shown 4/5 parents are not content in leaving their children on their own. 80% is a far too great a number! How would you feel if your child was placed in this predicament? In addition, in the local vicinity there is a lack of outside space for children (No parks, gardens and the local Schools have no playing fields) undoubtedly, you don’t want to be responsible for adding to the increasing rate of childhood obesity in the UK. Statistics show that we are way ahead compare to our European counterparts. To tackle this problematic issue we must find an amicable resolution. So make the right decision and convert this wasteland to a park for our community. To support this argument, 60% of children are continuously playing games and we must not let children be exploited by excessive video games and TV.A Park would give the children to burn their weight. Most importantly, the local Park is a necessity for all kinds of people. Research shows children perform better in school if they are fit and healthy. Moreover, a rising trend of 30% increase in the amount of Overweight children in the past 5 years. Do you want to be responsible for all this chaos?

To conclude, residents are suffering from obesity as they are not fit and healthy. They sit home all day either watching TV and eating junk or playing video games. Please listen to my opinion.
                                                           Yours sincerely
                                                                Umamah Choudhury

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