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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

To my loyal friend Harriet,
                                            I can no longer take these false accusations. Like you said, that malodorous vermin has framed me-no one believes me. I appreciate your time in writing to me; they blamed me for such a callous crime. Me and my family's reputation is tarnished because of that scorny Dumpstone.

Consequently, the demonic plan they concocted had become a success. I am living in isolation and humility is carrying a burden upon my shoulders. Surely you believe me, Harriet? Do you really think that I, your trusted friend, would do something so heinous to one who is so close to me? My integrity has never been questioned before! Do you really want to know the honest truth?

I find it very hard to tell my version of events as the pain is still very raw. Dumbledore had summoned me to the tower top and I followed, heart beating fast. Somehow I felt that someone's eyes were fixed upon me and piercing my skin(it might have been Dumpstone's!) My wand had slipped out so I knelt down to pick it up but then I heard a piercing scream. A vague figure was standing there sniggering with mischief. Dumbledore was gone! As far as I can remember, as soon as I turned, the crowd of shocked people were standing there in utter awe. Wafts of smoke and flames appeared and the looming figure swept away, disappearing into thin air. The event is still engraved in my head and a question is still unanswered... WHERE IS DUMBLEDORE????

From then on, everybody was staring at me, giving me looks that made me feel uncomfortable.


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