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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

2 A Short Story

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Bang! His heart was pounding, pounding and pounding. Tears were cascading like an Amazon rainfall. Anger growling, growling and growling. Suddenly, he found a trail of footsteps. Desperately, he follows the footsteps. As he came to the end, there he realises that he entered, the rat bat gang territory. In a shock, he was about to run but remembered his sole-companion best-cat. Shane, who is terror stricken, follows the dark tunnel that enters the rat band gangs territory. Immediately, he found the abonded cage with kitty- cat. In a flash, without any fear, he runs and takes his cat. As he took the car, the gang takes their guns, and shot like an Amercian clown show. In a chance, the boy called shane, didn’t die. Shaneran, like Usain Bolt, running the Olympic race. In the run, Shane had a shorth cut to his house where they don’t know, but it was risky as he could get caught so he took anther path...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               BY : SINTHURAM

1 Bilal

0 The Great Chase

Scene 5: The Great Chase

(A group of adolescent members were loitering around the abandoned alleyway with spray cans. They were blessing the walls with their gangs signatures.)

Gang Member 1: (assertively instructs gang member 2 to hurry up incase they get caught) HURRY UP! We can’t afford to get caught again. Remember what happened yesterday?! It took us ages before we could escape for freedom!

Gang Member 2: (shaking the spray can to get the left over paint out) Alright, calm down, I’m trying to get the stupid paint to work!

(All of a sudden Shane stumbles across the gang members. The gang and Shane’s eyes meet across the alleyway. Both parties’ eyes are fixated upon each other).

Shane: (stroking whiskets trying his upmost to shield the cat from the gang’s attention) Come on cateyes let’s run before they pursue us.

Gang member 1: (angrily) Oi! That’s that boy. He’s the one who’s meant to rob that shop for us but when he did he kept all the money to himself. AAAAAG!! (Beating hands on their chest)

Gang Member 2: (without a moment to think) let’s go you fools and grab him before he tries to escape from us!

(The gang members give chase to Shane, they run along the bustling streets of New York coming across near death experiences such as cars grindings to a holt, drivers hurling abuse at Shane).

Shane: (out of breath and breathing really heavily)

It’s okay, spitfire, no need to worry, I think we lost those two rascals. (Relieved)

Gang member 3: (anxiously) where did that stupid boy go?!!

Gang member 2: (quarrelling) it’s all your fault we lost him!

Gang member 3: what the….what do you mean because of me!

Gang member 2: welly you wouldn’t stop drinking now would you, otherwise you wouldn’t be so exhausted by now!

Gang member 3: as if you never, IDIOT!

Gang member 1: (Evily) come on now boys, get over it, its not like if we never catch him then death will arrive, we still have a new day to come…

Gang member 2 3: yeh! (Nasty laugh and smile)

Scene 5-The great gang chase

(Shane enters a derelict alleyway, singing happily as he passed by)

(Adolescent gang loitering and vandalising people’s property)

Grover: (Angrily) Hurry up man! One more capture, and we're done for. Remember last week? Don’t make me talk about that again.
Rocky: (Mockingly and aversively) SHUT UP and chill out mate, take a cigarette and a drink like Roylls here. Besides, I’m the boss so HOW DARE YOU SPEAK LIKE THAT TO ME!!!
Roylls: (Drunken and cheerfully) Yeah brov, me, totally awesome. I should be second, not you, you’re an idiot.

(Gang starts singing their anthem)

(Shane suddenly stumbles across the gang)

Shane: (Quietly) OH NO! See those there, they hate me. Act cool. Come on whisketts, let’s run before they pursue us. Last time was terror.

(Feeling terrified, Shane shields his new cat. However, the gang spots him. Both eyes fix on each other)

Rocky: OY! Stop singing. I see him. That clown Shane. His the reason we were in jail. We’re gonna get him this time.
Shane:  LET’S RUN!!!

(Shane rapidly runs, passing a group of cars which horns at him madly. He takes a piece of wire and rips a piece of his favorite jacket)

(Gang gets mislead and loses track of Shane, starts breathing heavily)

Whole gang: That stupid boys off again. Next time his breakfast!



(Shane checks his jacket for his cat)

Shane: Thanks goodness, Spitfire, you got me worried. Anyways, that don’t worry, you’re alive!

(Cat meows)

Shane: Let’s go home! I promise there will be no more trouble.

(Shane walks home)

Written by Raiq Alsakkaf

1 Duncan Dead

Duncan Dead

Last night, King Duncan was murdered in Glamis castle however, we are still investigating who has done this and why they done it...

At 4am, King Duncan was stabbed while he was sleeping. We still do not have full details yet. He was covered head to toe in his bed with blood which was scattered everywhere.

“I was mortified, when I saw the king lay dead and drenched blood. I glanced across the room and saw the two groomsmen were coated in blood. In a fit of range, I murdered the groomsmen on behalf of the king.”

Gossip is circulating the palace walls, that Malcolm and Donalbain are responsible for this callous murder of King Duncan because they had blood on themselves and were holding daggers.

The question remains; why did they do this? Did they want to get anything from the King so they murdered him? Were they jealous of his wealth? Did they want to become King and couldn’t be patient enough so they him?

We might be wrong on what we have discovered, but investigators are still searching for the murderer.

We cannot do this alone and we need your help. If you think that something suspicious is going, on than do not hesitate to tell because your information could help us find the person were looking for.

0 A Short Story

Short story

In the blink of an eye, Shane has changed into his clean clothes and very soon is zooming down the pavement, clutching onto his cat for dear life. Lingering in the distance, there were two vague figures, yet they seem familiar. The boy called Shane squints, trying to make out who these incoherent silhouettes were. “Hmm…Spitfire. I know who these people are-but…but at the same time I don’t!” Shane whispered, stroking the cat lovingly. Without warning, the two shadows stride forward, leisurely, into the derelict alleyway, which was filled with shards of shattered glass.

Minutes pass by, but the boy called Shane and the strangers do not move-it was as if movement was forbidden. There was a momentary silence. At last, Shane managed a single sentence. “W-w-who a-are YOU?” the boy called Shane stammered. Suddenly, they stepped out of the shadows, revealing their faces. Before the random people could reply, the three gang members appeared with music blaring out of their boom box. Shane stops dead. Just then Shane cried out, “Mum, Dad, it’s you!” It took him every ounce and fibre in his body to run away. Darting between trash cans, the boy called Shane let out muffled sobs. Straining his ears for any trace of footsteps behind him, Shane kept pondering-What would happen next? Even though Shane longs to see his parents again, he resists and falls asleep…in a deep slumber…

All of a sudden, the boy called Shane leaps out of his bed and launches to the door. A torrent of thoughts rampaged through his mind; would they still be there? Taking a step back, Shane gazed around the room when he realized Catlegs was missing...He scrambled to his legs and launched towards the door. Darting through the alleyway, Shane slowed to a halt. Near the exit, the gang was leaning against the wall but they were not alone. On either side of them there were two blanch pale faced humans gazing on the floor with a cat on the front. All of them were smothered in blood. Shane gasped. It was Mum, Dad and Bestcat…

Thursday, 13 February 2014

1 Half term

South park's half term starts on the 17th-Monday and we are back to school on the 24th. Make sure to do your homework for your teachers. Don't forget to have fun!

Friday, 7 February 2014

1 Way Home

Weeping in dismay, the boy called Shane grabbed everything he could and shoved it into a small petite bag that was enough for him to muster. "I have to run! But I can't. I have too..." he mumbled to himself, as a blizzard of questions raced through his head. In a blur, the despondent boy sprinted out the door without a care in the world. With a sudden screech, an unsteady car almost stumbled to a halt, as the frantic boy hectically waved his hands in the air like a mad man.

Eventually, he stopped dead. Tap, tap, tap. His eyes flickered and a dominant figure appeared before his eyes and turned out to be three hideous gang members. Anxiously, he seeked for a peaceful sanctuary but in the gloomy alleyway everywhere was danger.

As thoughts were no hope, the boy called Shane momentarily realised that his death bed was awaiting him! "Oi you...Give me some cocaine!" the leader of the gang demanded. Perplexed, Shane looked around feeling deep sorrow for himself. Looking back up he saw one of the gang members lifting a gun up to him helpless self. "Gimme some money!" shouted the man with his eyes fixed upon the boy.

"I'll shoot you." he mumbled, so Shane could not hear. Crunch...He heard something beyond the river of lights. With fear he prudently turned his head to see a shadow of dripping blood.

3 Wreck of the Zanzibar-letter

Dear Billy, It's Laura (Your Laura) and I am writing to you regarding your subsequent departure. I was flabbergasted when I received your detailed account of America, and how it is a very fast growing country, you had absolutely left me in awe when you spoke of the clothing the witty Americans wear. I ponder deeply about your progress there and how successful you could become like an entrepreneur. It is extraordinary that a youthful boy, like you, can sail on a seven masted voyage to a picturesque country. If you ever reply, please inform me of your occupation.

A burden has struck our family and has devastated our atmosphere. Mother is heart-broken, as she lies in bed clutching your blue jersey and rocking back and forth crying. Surprisingly, father was really demoralised because he couldn't rectify his woeful mistakes. This is very peculiar because most of the cows aren't milking properly, and the only source we could find was your departure. Our mood has been very somber and a tragic drought caused our island to collapse. It has caused rubble to pile up, Billy, we are extremely depressed and very desperate as it has been really chaotic without you as our monthly income has been eradicated because now all our cows have died. I beg you to arrive as soon as you can because at least it would shed some light on us as we have to move out.

Alas, I hope you enlighten our mood by coming back and embracing us. It feels like a prison without you. I Hope you come back, I vow as long as I live for you.

Lots of love,

Laura. P

2 Play script-Macbeth

Scene 4- The Banquet Scene

(Outside the castle)

Narrator 5: As the witches had prophecised, Macbeth's coronation eventually took place and was crowned King of Scotland. However, the witches also stated that Macbeth's children would not inherit the throne. Macbeth was tormented at the fact that his sons would not gain the same position by the seed of doubt planted in his head by the three hags. Additionally, he knew that Banquo's descendants would rule Scotland in the future.

Narrator 6: A great banquet has been organised to commemorate this elation and jubilance with all nobility invited to attend this ceremony; Banquo and his son, Fleance were invited too.

(Banquo approached Macbeth)

Banquo: Fleance and I will go riding out this afternoon but we will be back to attend this solemn supper, Siere.

Macbeth: Of course, my loyal friend, but ensure you are back in time for the banquet.

Narrator 5: Joyous at this act, Macbeth privately gave a smile.

(Macbeth and Lady Macbeth enter)

Macbeth: (calmly) Thank you everyone for attending this banquet in my honor.

Nobleman 1: (Stands up respectfully) We shall act upon your commands, Siere.

(Messenger enters)

Messenger 1: (whispers) The deed has been done my Lord. Alas, Fleance has escaped.

Narrator 6: As these words were whispered, a faint looming figure appeared before the eyes of Macbeth taking the soul of his body. Covered in red crimson blood, this was the true ghost of Banquo, which Macbeth realised immediately, however the rest of the members, including Lady Macbeth, took this insanity as an illness.

0 Play script-Macbeth

Scene 5-Banquet Scene
(Inside Glamis Castle)

Narrator 5: As the three hideous hags had prohecised Macbeth's bright future, Macbeth has tasted power and he wanted to possess this for eternity. He became irate because he knew that his loyal friend's sons were going to be the next monarch. Temptation got the best of him, and finally decided to do the unforgivable, as he was uneasy knowing that his descendants wouldn't inherit the throne

Banquo: I think I shall go out for riding on my stallion, as thou know that it is most beautiful today.

Macbeth: I request my loyal comrade to rejoice on this wondrous occasion , alas I would advise you to arrive at the earliest Banquo, I shall require you later.

 (with a sly grin on his face)

Narrator 6: Macbeth's devious plan was to attack him when he was at his weakest. Although Macbeth had guilt in his heart, he decided to pursue his act.

Madeline: (In a courteous manner) The deed has been done sire, Banquo's throat has been slit and we have concealed his corpse.

(Royal trumpets bellowing and music starts playing)

Macbeth: I am proud to announce that I, as the king of Scotland, am most pleased with this jovial day before my grand coronation.

(Sips his wine from the goblet)

Narrator 5: Banquo, his solemn advisor, his solemn friend,and his solemn partner... DEAD!

Madeline: Macbeth, I have heard terrible news, Fleance, Banquo's son has escaped, unharmed.

 (Macbeth nudging her aside)
Macbeth: (Angirly telling her off) Wha...? What...is this?! Impossible! I! I had sent them to kill you!

2 To Write the climax and Resolution to my missing chapter

"My lungs craved for abit of air. Suddenly, my eyes flickered open although my instinct was to reach the surface. Fragments of wood floating in the water. What happened?.." Billy questioned.

Frantically, his body was waving and kicking the water even though he knew it was hopeless. Just then, his eyes slowly opened, revealing a mysterious land in the far horizon. Bryher. Was it true? Was it his imagination? Abruptly, a torrent of questions came cascading through his mind. Meanwhile, my face flashed in front of his eyes. Why did I leave my home? Why did I leave Bryher? He challenged himself. Rapidly, fierce waves of torture washed over him. Furiously pushing him into his darkest fears. Slowly, the cruel ocean water was pulling him down even though his muscles in his body fought viciously to pull him up to shore, the waves waited to devour him. Abruptly, he tasted the bitter taste of salty water creep down his dry lungs, causing his throat to crack dry. He stopped fighting...Just then, the letter Laura gave suddenly felt like 100 pounds in his pocket. What about Laura? He cried. Spontaneously, boats appeared. Several unfamiliar faces filled his sore red eyes. Hurling abuse to stay alive and keep breathing. Billy was determined not to die at sea, he forced himself to reach Bryher to amend their fathers relationship. What about his family waiting? All of a sudden, he felt a strong hand gripping his shoulder. They plunged him out of the ocean. Like a pair of crooked hands, the vicious lighting ripped open the sky. Who has saved him? Just then, he heard a familiar voice , it was Laura. His sister. Was it true? At that moment, a huge iron grip pumped his body, forcing the water out. Was he alive? Suddenly, his life leaked back into his body, feeding him with strength. Who was it that he owed his life to?

"Sluggishly, my eyes flickered open and revealed the face of Joseph Hannibal, hurling commands to keep my eyes open." Just then, I felt my throat crack dry although tonnes of water passed through. The once amazing Zanzibar stands no more with only bits of disintegrated pieces of word. A wave of relief washed over me. Billy was back home...

Thank God he is back!
Talk to you soon,  

0 Macbeth setting

Crisp leaves shriek and shiver in a cold rush of agony and pain. The crystal moon squeezes its plump self through tiny spaces between the pencil thin trees. Sequin stars shimmer in glory, as the crowd of rocks stare in utter amazement. Swiftly, the azure river rushed through, bathing in the illuminated light, emphasizing the darkness. All became silent as the wind howls in fury and the forest etches away, afraid, as it circulates the labyrinth of death. Blood stains the marsh ground like a permanent stamp and no one is safe... Deadly snakes coil around crackling branches, advancing in eerie sounds like miserable spirits. The deceiving path whispered, tempting victims...