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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

3 Goodbye South Park Children!

Goodbye children of South Park Primary School. It has been a memorable 4years at this great school. I have taught some amazing children!

Ex-students please come and say goodbye. Would be wonderful to see you guys again! I am here till the 22nd July!

I am moving back to Newham (New City Primary School - in East ham/Plaistow) as Assistant Head.

Wednesday, 11 June 2014

0 PGL trip information

You have to be in school on Sunday 15th by 11:30am. Ensure that you have eaten a big breakfast as you will have dinner at around 6pm when you arrive. We suggest that you bring a snack and a drink to carry with you to eat at the centre. Furthermore, you will need to bring a suitcase (preferably on wheels) for all your equipment and clothes to carry. You are also suggested to bring a rucksack for any excess equipment.

On the journey, you are either driven on coach 1 or 2 - please remember which coach you were informed to board. You were also told which activity group you are in, along with the group leader you are with and people who will be accompanying and sharing a cabin with. You are expected to be in bed by 9pm and be asleep by 10pm, as you will wake up very early with a loud knock!

It is suggested to bring either an alarm clock or a watch to know what time to wake up or what time it currently is. You can also bring a disposable camera to capture the memories, however, nothing valuable, electrical of battery operated is aloud during the course of the 4 days. Please do not bring sprays or perfume apart from deodorants.

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

To my loyal friend Harriet,
                                            I can no longer take these false accusations. Like you said, that malodorous vermin has framed me-no one believes me. I appreciate your time in writing to me; they blamed me for such a callous crime. Me and my family's reputation is tarnished because of that scorny Dumpstone.

Consequently, the demonic plan they concocted had become a success. I am living in isolation and humility is carrying a burden upon my shoulders. Surely you believe me, Harriet? Do you really think that I, your trusted friend, would do something so heinous to one who is so close to me? My integrity has never been questioned before! Do you really want to know the honest truth?

I find it very hard to tell my version of events as the pain is still very raw. Dumbledore had summoned me to the tower top and I followed, heart beating fast. Somehow I felt that someone's eyes were fixed upon me and piercing my skin(it might have been Dumpstone's!) My wand had slipped out so I knelt down to pick it up but then I heard a piercing scream. A vague figure was standing there sniggering with mischief. Dumbledore was gone! As far as I can remember, as soon as I turned, the crowd of shocked people were standing there in utter awe. Wafts of smoke and flames appeared and the looming figure swept away, disappearing into thin air. The event is still engraved in my head and a question is still unanswered... WHERE IS DUMBLEDORE????

From then on, everybody was staring at me, giving me looks that made me feel uncomfortable.

   To write a description of a setting

As the ancient, withered gate creaked open, there was a sudden eerie silence. Who could it be? Why were they here?
The devouring beast, with claws of silver, ripped open the sky in sudden anger, as the light flashed as if it was taking a picture, and hung over the suffocating heat.
The tired, old redbrick chapel stood proudly in the old, shallow and moist graveyard, as if it was showing that it was the master of the evils.
The arched windows were walled, as if they were two hands hiding their eyes, no longer wanting to see daylight.
The hazel white clouds wrapped themselves around the glistening moon, as the dead trees swayed madly as if they were prisoners wanting to be free.
The wind blew bitterly as the inky darkness surrounded.
Surreption crept all over. 
The unknown figure could feel the fresh, chill anew along its spine as it stared around and could see the maze of graves and the lofty path of doom.

What will happen next….?
To write a description of a setting.

Underneath the blanket of dark, ominous clouds, the once freshly built redbrick chapel stood in the middle of the eerie graveyard, abandoned. Nestled in its corner, was an old wooden pew with a broken arm. Isolated, the mournful bell-tower stood in the distance eclipsing the skyline, as the odor of decaying corpses invades the noses off passing pedestrians. In the distance, vague whispers can be heard from the graves made of chiseled stone. Everything was still until the dark, black and devious looking crow landed on the sky-scraping bell-tower. The slender oak tree stretched it’s arms out wide. The fragrance of luscious green grass can be smelt people walk on the cobble path that swirls through the cracked gravestones.
To write a description of a setting

Stood all alone, the old, ancient redbrick chapel stood almost demolished as it echoed a wounded sound. The ominous clouds gathered, planning to devour the land. Suddenly, a razor flash of lightning zoomed across the corner of his eye. Slowly, the door creaked, as the bell tower mournfully stood as it looked at the land. The thick black smokey clouds were thick, menacing and portentous. The almost broken grave stones was there, while blood dripped from the corner of it. As an evil sound was in the distance, the clouds started to appear gathering together as it started to rain.

The Monster

Evil crimson eyes stared at me and I froze on the spot, my heart was pounding in my chest. Suddenly, my flash light started flickering and my hand began to tumble. Bravely, I looked back and I saw the savage beast towering over me. Blood was dripping from his mouth and I could hear something crunching in his razor sharp teeth. Could this be me next? I couldn't help thinking about my family. How could I be such a fool to get tricked by so-called friends again!

Wednesday 2nd April 2014

           Write a formal persuasive letter

                                                  South Park  

                                                  Primary School  

                                                  Water Lane


                                                  IG3 9HF

To whom it may concern,

As a hardworking and conscientious student of South Park Primary School. This letter is regarding the proposal to redevelop the potential site on Water Lane. We, as citizens of Redbridge, have many valid reasons for this particular project, Most significantly, surely a person in your position of such high status should understand that a high proportion of road accidents involve children (A jaw dropping 70%)
Furthermore, there has been a sharp increase accidents involving pedestrians, due to children not having a play area. (Children playing on their bikes and skateboards.) Residents of the local community, whole-heartedly believe converting the wasteland to a park is the utmost priority! A recent survey has shown 4/5 parents are not content in leaving their children on their own. 80% is a far too great a number! How would you feel if your child was placed in this predicament? In addition, in the local vicinity there is a lack of outside space for children (No parks, gardens and the local Schools have no playing fields) undoubtedly, you don’t want to be responsible for adding to the increasing rate of childhood obesity in the UK. Statistics show that we are way ahead compare to our European counterparts. To tackle this problematic issue we must find an amicable resolution. So make the right decision and convert this wasteland to a park for our community. To support this argument, 60% of children are continuously playing games and we must not let children be exploited by excessive video games and TV.A Park would give the children to burn their weight. Most importantly, the local Park is a necessity for all kinds of people. Research shows children perform better in school if they are fit and healthy. Moreover, a rising trend of 30% increase in the amount of Overweight children in the past 5 years. Do you want to be responsible for all this chaos?

To conclude, residents are suffering from obesity as they are not fit and healthy. They sit home all day either watching TV and eating junk or playing video games. Please listen to my opinion.
                                                           Yours sincerely
                                                                Umamah Choudhury


An emotional Davina McCall broke down into tears as she completed a mammoth and gruelling 500m epic journey from Edinburgh to London. Surprisingly, the physically exhausted presenter, stumbled across the finish line outside the Tate modern art gallery in the capital at 4:30 this afternoon. This arduous journey was for BT sport relief challenge (to hold women and children’s hands). As a result of her enduring task, the 46 year old presenter has raised a staggering £760,000 after running, swimming and cycling 500m across rough terrain.
This monumental and remarkable journey began in Edinburgh last Saturday and lasted for a torturous 7 days. Astonishingly, Davina declared “I have never been so tired and physically wounded in my entire life. I have had aches and pains in my body parts which I never knew existed.” Davina fatigued and emotionally drenched completed her initial journey from Edinburgh to Windermere (a 77 mile stretch). A close friend reported, he honestly did not believe Davina would not complete it after the first stretch of the challenge. However Davina’s grit, determination and reliance finally paid dividends as she overcame her phobia of Lake Windermere. She stared to cry and say she was a coward. In addition Davina commented the bitter ice cold lake was the biggest barrier of the challenge. Gradually, the courageous presenter dipped her feet into the ice cold lake and endured an insufferable experience. A despondent Davina’s lifeless body had to be dragged out of the lake as she completed her marathon journey.

The duration of this memorable challenge lasted for a unimaginable7 days. On the final leg of her journey, Davina was accompanied by Chris Moyles and Greg Whyte. She mustered every ounce of fibre throughout this challenge. A jubilant exhilarated Davina was welcomed by a crowd of 100s of people. Draped in a union jack flag, she declared” I am not worthy of this honour but I feel like an Olympian.” Davina’s elated mother proudly announced to her circle of friends she was so proud of Davina’s accomplishment. Mathew (Davina’s husband) and family were happy about Davina’s finish. Most importantly this remarkable journey raised a substantial amount of money (over £760,000) and this figure is most likely to raise. Consequently the money accumulated will help fund thousands of women and children in the world. They would still like people to donate. Sport relief says please go on the sport relief website. Davina would like to thank everyone for donating and mostly friends and family. Especially, Sharon and Rachel (close friends) for donating and helping her.

Reported by Raiq Alsakkaf     

The mysterious churchyard


As the thick, ominous, menacing clouds gathered their army, the boy’s ears sensed daunting groans and terrifying screams come from further in the chapel. The stench of decaying corpses filled the thin air. Was this usual in a haunted churchyard? Crunchy, rustling leaves swirled by gusts of strong wind, the gates squeaked loudly like a rat, vague whispers echoed in the distance, fragments of snow white fog circulating him as the trees danced, surrounding him. A howl entered the background. Suddenly a mysterious figure, who was wearing long, black boots, slouched behind an old, crumbling grave. He approached the boy and…………………………

2 The Monster

The atmosphere was suffocating. Wafts of sulphurous flames rapidly engulfed the pale granite ceilings, as the glowing light leaked through the steel doors... Shivering, I recoiled from the compelling monster, the smoke mingling with the agonising burn of the grotesque creature. Cautiously, the vague figure, who's feet softly whispered towards me, cruelly pierced his eyes deep down into mine - his eyes a shocking crimson red... Why did I venture around this tunnel? Why did my curiosity lead me to my death? Why did I have to discover the map? Standing frozen on the ground, I winced at the torrent of thoughts that came cascading through my head, even though, I forced them out. The eerie landscape shall be forever engraved in my mind; the monster's eyes continued to lock with mine. However, my unsteady feet moved back, releasing me from the glare of the creature.
"Let me go!" I screamed frantically, struggling... A blizzard of thoughts wrecked my questions while the monster smiled, devilishly. Consequently, the large looming shadow casting down on me ghosted back. In a blur, the monster sauntered forward to kill me...

Volcano poem


The volcano is a motionless statue.                                                                                                                 It make no sudden movement at all,                                                                                                                 No sudden movement at all…                                                                                                                                          It just gives a quick wink then it’s off.


Sshh, did you hear that?!                                                                                                                                            Rumble, crumble!                                                                                                                                                                      Oh no, it’s started and bubbling like a bowl of hot soup.                                                                            The volcano gives a vicious scream!


Crumble! CRASH!!!

Gallons of heart-stopping lava leaps out of it’s one and only home.                                                           Its hazardous magma dances through the streets,                                                                                        leaving thousands of deafening screams behind.                                                                                                                           The eruption is a furious bull,                                                                                                                                                             devouring the immense city as it pursues innocent lives.                                                                                                             

Rapidly, villagers race to find their precious shelters.                                                                                                                     You’re begging to cascade form this suffocating place,                                                                                                                                   nowhere to hide.                                                                                                                                                                                                   Please stop, PLEASE STOP!!                                                                                                                                                                     The sweltering magma gives a blinding shine.

Spouting its venomous poison out,                                                                                                                                                          like a cunning serpent,                                                                                                                                                                           It sprints past the world.                                                                                                                                                                                       Cartwheeling its enemies away,                                                                                                                                                            it leaves the world to a horrific doom….



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Write a non-chronological report 

This chronological report is about a rare and endangered species of the spider: the Green- Backed spider- where recent studies indicate that only 2% of this menacing kind of beast remain across the globe.

Sightings indicate, that the Green-Backed spider resides on: a tree in the tropical Amazon Rainforest on the verge of extinction (the Bongo Bongo tree) as scientists believe in the next six months, this extraordinary tree will die out completely. Recently, witnesses have also reported that this unique tree has a record-breaking diameter of forty meters and an endless height; extending the tree towards sunlight. Moreover, the Bongo Bongo has gorgeous, luscious green leaves attracting several birds and insects however, it is highly advisable to approach the Bongo Bongo tree with care and caution due to nail-biting cacti which can result (if touched) in severe pain.

With a resembled green shade- camouflaging it's body through the unique trees of the Amazon in surrounding- the Green Backed spider has one of the utmost solid, hard-back bodies of any living creature as an experiment on the sturdiness of the shell unveiled that even a well-crafted knife was not able to rip through this abnormal armour and also shattered it into pieces. It's crimson red, laser, devil eyes may look daunting and horrifying, but the reality is that the senses of this creature is the  weakest of the five. But this does not result in a lack of hearing. This Deadly 60 featured creature is unapproachable without caution and care due to it's 100% accuracy and precision when spitting poisonous venom at prey and predators. Another caution to be on the search for, is the poisonous prickly legs, where local inhabitants have unfortunately died as a result of this heinous act. Furthermore, the sting leaves a human paralyzed and the chance of survival is 0% due to the nearest hospitality available is a huge distance despite the size of this pest being less than a thumb size (3cm).

0 The Monster

Friday 2 April 2014

Evil crimson eyes stared at me and I froze on the spot, my heart was pounding in my chest. Suddenly my flash light started flickering as my hand began to tremble. Bravely, I looked back and I saw the savage beast towering over me...Blood was dripping from his mouth, I could hear something crunching in his razor sharp teeth. Could this be me next? I couldn’t think how I'll miss my family. How could I be so foolish to get tricked by my so-called friends?!                                                                    

Davina McCall beyond breaking point

Today at 4:30pm an emotional Davina McCall broke down in tears as she completed her gruelling 500 mile journey.

The presenter - who travelled most of her journey on a bike, stated that she felt like she had been “traumatised” by parts of her ordeal. As she stumbled across the finish line outside the Modern Art Gallery, she declared that she took up this 7 day triathlon challenge for the women and children who were living out there in the world, living homelessly. This 46 year old courageous presenter has raised a staggering £760.000!

This monumental and remarkable journey began in Edinburgh last Saturday and lasted for a torturous 7 days. An accelerated Davina announced: “This journey this week I went on which included running, cycling and swimming, was the toughest thing I’ve ever done. I’ve never cried so much but actually I look back on it and it wasn’t a bad thing. I was exhausted and so physically and mentally drained, that I didn’t have the normal barriers I would have to stop myself.”

Chris Moyle’s, one of her celebrity friends, stated that he thought that with all the endurance pain, Davina was suffering by the harsh conditions of the weather, she would have never make it but Davina showed resilience and proved them all wrong as she mustered every of strength and fibre in her body and was determined to win .

Furthermore, as the emotional Davina McCall ended her worthwhile journey, everyone stood at the finish line cheering for her. Davina McCall announced: “it means a lot that people have been so generous, especially when times are tough and the situation has been tough for a lot of people I’m really, really chuffed!”

Davina has won over the public with her resilience over the past few days with TV viewers seeing her sobbing and barely able to enter the water during a 1.5 mile (2.4km) across Windmill on Monday Morning. She was terrified as she also had fear of water.

The generation of this memorable challenge will never be forgotten especially by Davina McCall as it was the toughest moment that changed her life by swimming, cycling running and losing at least 8000 calories!

Like every year, sport relief challenge aims to raise money for charity to support unfortunate people who live around the world.

Davina McCall announced: “I want to donate money to people affected by the flood earlier this year.”                                                                                    Nearly £760.000 has been raised that will be sent to women and children in Kenya and you can help by visiting our website, WWW.SportsRelief.com or calling sports relief on 079585781089. Who will complete the next challenge and raise even more money for charity?


To whom it may concern,

I am a local pupil residing near Water Lane and I am writing to you on behalf of South Park Primary School, regarding the renovation of the wasteland. It takes a considerate and knowledgeable man, as yourself,  to take such a vast step to take my opinion. A man who lives up to your cavalier and withholds such a high position of authority, should perceive the benefits of reconstructing the barren land to become a local park.

First and foremost, numerous accidents occur with children, as recent statistics show that there has been a major increase of seventy per cent in road car accidents. I believe that this is a non-negotiable decision, as a park is crucial for the community as the closest local park is approximately 10 miles away, where will the youth socialise? Or stimulate their minds from their hectic schedule? Most significantly, I have surveyed 50 parents and 95% of them agreed, that it is unsafe for children to frolic unsupervised and have also mentioned constructing a park with plain fields. The welfare of the youth depends on your decision.

Moreover, there is lack of exercise, as there has been 40% increase in obesity in children and due to the fact that there is no garden either as we dwell in high rise flats. England is way ahead in obesity compared to our European neighbours ( 35% increase). 60% of children spend invaluable time on gaming consoles when it is perfect to spend it in a peaceful area. In my experience , I think that the majority of residents would prefer a park. We are very unfortunate and need an immediate construction, we need a place to socialise.

If you have any issues with constructing this 24 acre field, then please note that we are helpless children with no place to show our social skills. A rising trend of 30% increase of overweight children over the age of 5 has increased. Physical education is a huge part of the government curriculum, and a nearby park will increase the amount of exercise they do. Burning calories is essential as being weighty has several disadvantages, it is going to be advantageous and if you approve, without dispute, it will help generations to come. As you are aware, the youth club fees are beyond the payable price for our underpaid parents. Our school would desire a safe, calm and amusing area which would shed some light on this problematic situation.

I hope you take this letter into consideration as it has been a strainous task to get the approval of the residents living in my locality. I hope you understand that this is a necessity and it is absolutely essential of the construction to occur and that it could save lives or it will be mundane, boring , and very uninteresting.

Yours faithfully,
          Abhinov Dey

Wednesday 2nd April 2014


                         Venomous volcano 


The dormant volcano relaxes gazing at the green scenery,

Standing proud as a valiant soldier,

As tall as a sky scraper,

Towering high,

Citizens surround the almighty volcano,

That touches the serene sky,

And twinkles in the shimmering sunlight.


Through the tranquil island,

The immense volcano attracts to you its beauty,

And dominates the land,


The ground shakes,

The leaves unhook themselves,

And the volcano quakes,

The silence grew,

No wind flew,





The deceptive volcano was on to them,

An unpredictable of lava erupted like a firework display,

Spouting venomous poison,

Lava gushing out of the cracks in the concrete,

Citizens evacuate,

An eruption was occurring,

Destruction was made in all of the directions,

And no hope of protection…








0 The Raging Sea

2/4/14  J

The sea is a dreaming monster, 

Relaxing on the golden sand.

The waves wrap their arms around him,

Gently waking him with their soft embrace. 

He slowly stirs from his deep dark sleep,

Ready to consume anything in his way.

The wind is a furious lion,
Roaring aggressively at the sea. 
An army of waves attack the shore.
As the storm subsides,
The wind twists like a graceful ballerina. 
The waves calmly kiss the monster,
As he drifts back to sleep.
By Luke Bailey

1 The Monster

Friday 2nd April 2014


It was huge, it looked deadly, with crimson red eyes, a black tongue, he looked as if he was 100 tons, he had purple, spiky prickles on his back, it slouches, he is seven foot tall, it has talon like claws and it was hideous! Even worse than Frankenstein! He was just REPULSIVE! His malicious glare traumatised me, it made my heart ROAR! Standing in the derelict alley, it looked like there was no way out. TRAPPED!

To my horror, I realised that the monster got close, very close. My eyes peered up to his gruesome, grotesque face, it felt like my eyes were burning with fear. My legs felt like wobbly jelly, I thought I was going to collapse onto the ground! What shall I do?

There are noises haunting me, shadows circulating me, how will I get out of here? Suddenly the monster lowered to my height and… ROAR! A huge gust of wind wafted passed me, an awful odour came towards my face grew wide. Why did I decide to venture the short way through the alley. The disgusting creature lifted me up, opened its mouth and…………….

                      Wednesday 2nd April 2014

                To use vcop and descriptive vocabulary

Moments later, I was climbing over tree trunks, corpses and puddles of crimson red blood. I heard a life ending scream glass smashing into thousands of pieces. Out of no-where, a dim light appeared and flashed in front of my eyes and before it turned off, I caught a glimpse of a huge weird figure. It stood with monstrous claws, which can cause thunder and tear through the sky. Without imagining it, the thing stepped closer so I mustered every ounce of strength I had and ran like a man that was being chased by a bloodthirsty lion but its smell entered my small nose, which got hit by a car, and my long legs turned into jelly; I dropped…

A few minutes later. I woke up. Why am I here? I was supposed to be at home. It approached to me; but I managed to find a light, but it flickered on and off. Was this the end of me?..