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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

   To write a description of a setting

As the ancient, withered gate creaked open, there was a sudden eerie silence. Who could it be? Why were they here?
The devouring beast, with claws of silver, ripped open the sky in sudden anger, as the light flashed as if it was taking a picture, and hung over the suffocating heat.
The tired, old redbrick chapel stood proudly in the old, shallow and moist graveyard, as if it was showing that it was the master of the evils.
The arched windows were walled, as if they were two hands hiding their eyes, no longer wanting to see daylight.
The hazel white clouds wrapped themselves around the glistening moon, as the dead trees swayed madly as if they were prisoners wanting to be free.
The wind blew bitterly as the inky darkness surrounded.
Surreption crept all over. 
The unknown figure could feel the fresh, chill anew along its spine as it stared around and could see the maze of graves and the lofty path of doom.

What will happen next….?

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